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Lobsters - Live

product Maine Lobsters -  Homanus americanus - The Atlantic Lobsters, one of the scavengers of the sea, one wonders if  they get as excited about eating a particular species from the ocean as people do about eating them.  Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for two or a party for the whole family and friends, we love to share our mouthwatering Lobsters with as many people as we can.  As with most fresh seafood, the price of Lobsters can vary from day to day or from season to season.  Generally speaking, prices are somewhat lower during the summer months, when Lobsters are shedding their shell, "soft shell lobster" and are more plentiful.  (Please note that the soft shells can only be shipped either fully cooked or partially cooked.) Lobsters are sold with a per-pound price with-in a size range.  One thing to keep in mind when buying Lobsters bigger is not better in the Lobster world.  While they certainly look more impressive on a table, its all about eating,  the bigger they are the less sweet they are and the tougher they are.  Not to mention when you get a jumbo Lobster most people don’t have pots big enough to cook them evenly in.

The Size Ranges -

Small - 1.00 lbs. to 1.24 lbs also known as Chix

Medium - 1.25 lbs. to 1.49 lbs.

Large - 1.50 lbs. to 1.99 lbs.

Jumbos - 2.00 lbs. and up

There is also a cull which can be of any weight but it is missing one of it’s claws. Lobsters do have the ability to grow them back.  There is also a pistol which is a Lobster that has lost both of it’s claws.  Sometimes in the shipping process a lobster will throw it’s claw, this is a natural defense mechanism of the Lobster.

Lobsters - Live - currently available at the Harbor Fish Market retail store.

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