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Shucked Soft Shell Clams

product Specifics On Quality: Tender, sweet flavor, somewhat briny.

Primarily Sold As: Per pound or by the half gallon

Culinary: Deep fried in batter or crumbs or in a chowder

Characteristic:  Shucked clams are form the Maine Steamer Clam.  They are primarily used in fry houses up and down the coast of Maine and most people can’t get enough of them while they are here visiting.  There is even an entire festival dedicated to the fry clam.  It is held annually in the month of July in the town of Yarmouth, Maine, which is about 15 minutes north of Portland.  The shucked clams are sold by the pint in the retail store and by the half gallon or gallon for the restaurant trade.  Clams, from time to time, especially in the summer months, can become temporarily unavailable usually do to "red tide" affecting the clam flats.  The state monitors and controls this with very strict standards.

Shucked Soft Shell Clams - currently available at the Harbor Fish Market retail store.

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